Hamacas en CDMX

Hammocks in CDMX

An amazing variety of handicrafts is made in the interior of the Mexican territory. The master craftsmen of the different entities of the countr...
Donde consigo hamacas en el DF

Where can I get hammocks in Mexico City?

The artisan creations are outlined halfway between serial work and trade, although they also expose a cultural and aesthetic background of great...
Hamacas yucatecas

yucatecan hammocks

Hammocks and the Mayan environment are closely related. In fact, the word hammock derives from the Mayan word "hayabil-kaan", which means "ropes...
Venta de bases para hamacas

Sale of bases for hammocks

Talking about hammocks is touching on a key issue when it comes to full rest and quality relaxation. Cheaper, fresher and more versatile than con...
Hamacas mexicanas

mexican hammocks

What is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a hammock? There are three main aspects to consider: the materials included in its p...
Venta de Hamacas en CDMX

Sale of Hammocks in CDMX

What are the best places to sell hammocks in Mexico City? One of them is the Centro Artesanal Plaza Garibaldi, a three-level construction where yo...
Hamacas de nylon

nylon hammocks

For people interested in buying a hammock to be installed in their garden or at home, there are some essential aspects that they should consider...
Hamacas de algodón

cotton hammocks

Among the vast range of hammocks available on the market, you can find the most different and attractive designs. But if there is something in w...
Hamacas sudamericanas

south american hammocks

Since they arrived in Europe from the American continent, hammocks became so popular that they practically managed to conquer the world. Surely m...
Hamacas mexicanas

mexican hammocks

Hamacas en el DF
What is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a hammock? There are three main aspects to consider: the materials included in its pro...
Decorar con hamacas para desconectar del mundo

Decorate with hammocks to disconnect from the world

In the garden, on our terraces, on the balcony or even inside, in our living room... When we imagine these spaces to disconnect from the world, it ...
Decorando el jardín con hamacas

Decorating the garden with hammocks

hamaca para jardin
The garden is a space in the home that must be considered as an extension of our own home. It is not simply a transit area and for this reason, it...
Ventajas principales de las hamacas

Main advantages of hammocks

hamacas mexicanas
Sometimes people who are labeled as lazy or lazy are told that they are "lying" in the hammock. Well, from the perspective of a healthy life, such...
Como acostarse en una hamaca

Like lying in a hammock

como acostarse en una hamaca
The best way to occupy a hammock is to sit with your back turned towards the hammock, as if you were about to sit on a chair. You also have to hol...
Tipos de hamacas más populares en México

Most popular types of hammocks in Mexico

hamacas mexicanas
Hammocks are an excellent option to enjoy the good weather in our gardens or terraces. They are also recommended to be hung inside the houses and r...
La historia de la hamaca Mexicana

The history of the Mexican hammock

historia de la hamaca
The origins of hammocks date back at least a thousand years. We are then before a very important cultural heritage in Latin America. In many museu...
Mi hamaca uno de mis espacios favoritos

My hammock one of my favorite spaces

lugares favoritos
“My first hammock was a gift from some of my sister's friends, I hung it in my patio and this very soon became one of my favorite spaces! It is a p...
Feria Bicentenario Liverpool Abre tu Corazón a Mexico

Liverpool Bicentennial Fair Open your Heart to Mexico

feria de México Liverpool
These are some of the photos during the inauguration of Liverpool commemorating the Bicentennial with its Mexican Fair , which was attended by gre...
Una hamaca como regalo

A hammock as a gift

regala una hamaca
Giving something original will always speak well of you, thanks to the modern and elegant design of our hammocks on all occasions they will be wel...
La hamaca dentro de un departamento

The hammock inside an apartment

diseño de interiores hamaca
In recent times, the hammock has become an object that integrates perfectly into interior architecture. Due to its functionality and versatility, ...
Historia de las hamacas

History of hammocks

historia de la hamaca
Hammocks mainly originate from Haiti, hence the word “hamac”, which in Haitian means “tree” or “of the tree”. The hammock is made from the filamen...
Qué es una Hamaca

What is a Hammock

historia de la hamaca
The hammock Word of Taino etiology (Hamaka) according to Goeje means; Sleep, in the Kechua Samacu language which means; Rest is a piece of furnitu...
Departamentos de solteros Visión individual

Singles Departments Individual Vision

diseño de interiores hamaca
Entre Muros Magazine - design and architecture Reforma February 2009 Number 149 Express your personality Elías Cattan - Architect favorite ...

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