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Hammock Elias Cattan Entre Muros Magazine - design and architecture Reforma February 2009 Number 149

Express your personality Elías Cattan - Architect

favorite pieces

Furniture: the hammock in his living room, which he bought on the beach in Mazunte, in the state of Oaxaca.

Space : the living room and the television room, because there you can rest and spend time with your friends.
Color : green, as it reminds you of nature and represents life.
Decorative object : a lamp made of fiber optics that hangs over the ceiling of the room.
After a long day of work, in which he designs projects in his office and teaches at the Universidad Iberoamericana, the architect Elías Cattan arrives at his bachelor's apartment.

So, he lies in the hammock in his living room and reads a book while enjoying the company of his Labrador retriever, named Ix (which in Mayan means "wizard").

“I have lived alone for six years, which has allowed me to understand that being single is not synonymous with debauchery, because if I go out to a party and stay up all night, the next day I have to go to work.”
“As a bachelor it is important to be responsible, mainly with the maintenance and cleaning of all the areas”, mentioned Cattan.
The 29-year-old creative had the opportunity to build, together with the architect Patricio Guerrero, the condominium where he currently lives. He says that being a builder and a resident at the same time allowed him to empathize with the needs and demands of his clients.
“Building and designing for myself is very rewarding, because that way I can learn from my successes and mistakes and personally experience the consequences that this implies.
“As the architect of the work, I had the opportunity to choose the department that I liked the most; For this reason, I selected one projected at double height, as this is how you experience a sensation of spaciousness”, said the also representative of the firm Taller 13 Arquitectos.
Comfort is a paramount element for him; For this reason, in the living room he adapted a series of modular sofas upholstered with organic fabrics made of cotton and hemp. These pieces, designed by Ezequiel Farca, stand out for their green, red and beige colors. So that the floors could be easily cleaned and not worn by daily traffic, the architect installed a black slate finish.
Space flexibility
One of the main characteristics of the Cattan apartment is the wide variety of functions that the surfaces fulfill.
The kitchen, for example, is not only used to prepare food, but also to chat with friends in the breakfast room.
For his part, in the ranch he takes yoga and meditation classes, while in the television room he watches movies and designs works. “After a certain time, it is difficult to live at home with your parents; Therefore, it is important to become independent and make your own decisions.
“My apartment is the place where I feel most comfortable, since I live next to my work and I can move around easily”. According to the specialist, his house has a modernist style, since the areas are clean and functional. In addition, the predominant materials, such as stone and concrete, are apparent and reflect authenticity.
basic advice
According to Elías Cattan, a bachelor's apartment must be furnished little by little, since the spaces require time for them to evolve and, in turn, take shape.
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