It is understood that when purchasing any of our products the customer accepts the terms, conditions and delivery policies specified below:

1.- CONFIDENTIALITY guarantees the security of our clients' information, which travels encrypted to our secure site and is managed in such a way that it cannot be deciphered by agents outside of us. Also read Privacy Policy.

Due to the nature of the product, it is possible that it may not be available for various reasons such as damage, delay of shipment by suppliers. In the event of this situation, will notify you in a timely manner to offer you another of our products in stock in the shortest possible time. Likewise, our clients are informed that prices are subject to change without prior notice and do not include VAT .

The hammocks presented in the images may vary slightly in terms of shape, color and accessories that the product has, this is due to the fact that each hammock is made by hand by Mexican artisans with the threads and colors available in the region. However, undertakes as far as possible to match or improve the product sold, always for the benefit of the client.

4.- DELIVERY TIMES undertakes to deliver its products within the Mexican Republic within a period of no more than four business days once your order has been paid, for deliveries abroad the delivery period will be approximately 10 business days, it is important to note that the Shipments are made through an independent courier service to Hamacas MX, so we cannot be held responsible for delays outside our company.

The customer undertakes to settle his order in its entirety before being shipped. Payment can be through bank deposit, electronic transfer or credit card through PAYPAL . reserves the right to establish lines of credit with companies and recurring clients, as well as to collect cash and on delivery.

- Bank deposit: The client is forced to make the bank deposit for the agreed amount before the company makes the shipment, as long as this is not the case, is not obliged to deliver the product.

- Electronic transfer: When the operation has been registered, the client only has to notify their payment via email to

- Credit card: assumes as its own the conditions of use of the PayPal service, which is who offers the system for this type of payment.

- Payment in cash or on delivery: reserves the right to accept this type of payment after analyzing the complete data of the client and the order.

6.- DELIVERY POLICIES. will contract the courier services of a third party to deliver its products both in the Republic of Mexico and abroad, which is why the client undertakes to provide the necessary and correct information about the recipient, assuming that and by our privacy policy, that all data is strictly confidential. Any error or lack of customer information, will not be responsible for the additional expenses that this may generate.

Home service charges include only one delivery at a time. Therefore, if a situation arises that prevents us from delivering the arrangement and it is not attributable to, another home delivery will have to be covered.

If for some reason the product arrives damaged and you want to return it, the customer has a period of no more than 5 days after receiving it to make the return. Returns will only be accepted when the hammock is in poor condition and prevents its correct use. and operation. No returns will be made for hammocks that show wear or dislocation over time due to use or weather conditions. We recommend that if your hammock is placed outdoors, it be covered to avoid rapid wear.

To make the request for a return it is necessary to send an email to, the cost of the courier for the return will be borne by the customer, so we suggest fully corroborating all the shipping data from our offices.

Use of cards without authorization from the owner or stolen. is not responsible for purchases made with credit cards without prior authorization from the owner or stolen; It is understood that the person who makes the purchase is fully empowered to carry out the transaction and therefore cannot deny it. Carrying out transactions over the Internet without the prior consent of the owner or with stolen cards constitutes fraud which is punishable by Mexican law up to 10 years in prison. will not accept under any circumstances any claim for any unrecognized payment by the client due to lack of knowledge of the payment method or due to disagreements with delivery. The fact of establishing a claim with the bank ignoring with this your purchase implies a SUSPECT OF POTENTIAL FRAUD , so with the information of the order, signature of receipt of the product by the recipient, there will be sufficient evidence to verify that fraud was carried out with the bank and the bank can cancel your credit immediately. It will then be of vital importance to always contact us to clarify any point.


For the installation of the hammock and our products, the customer assumes all responsibility and risk, so it is always recommended to verify their correct installation with a construction specialist.

Hamacas MX is not responsible at any time for accidents that may arise during the use of any of our products, it is important that if any hammock is used by minors, it is always under the supervision of their parents.

Any situation not provided for in these policies will be resolved by the administrative area of ​​ At all times, compliance with our agreements will be verified under the philosophy of maximum customer satisfaction, with the understanding that there will be agents outside of us that will prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.


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