Tipos de hamacas más populares en México

Hammocks are an excellent option to enjoy the good weather in our gardens or terraces. They are also recommended to be hung inside the houses and rest like this, in total relaxation and tranquility. There are different kinds of hammocks, according to the material with which they are made, the way in which they are woven or the function for which they are intended. It is also convenient to know that there are models of hammocks that are for a single person and others that can be used by two or three people simultaneously.

If one focuses on the way in which the hammocks are woven, you can find those that have a net-like weave, whether they are cotton, nylon, and fabric hammocks. The first are commonly referred to as Mayan-type hammocks. These are the most resistant hammocks and have a lower weight. They are excellent for spending a lot of time outdoors and although the fabric ones are possibly more comfortable, they are not very advisable to be left out in the rain.

In the same way, there are padded fabric hammocks, which are the ones that offer greater comfort and are projected as the best for taking long periods of sleep, although you must be careful to store them inside the house when the weather worsens and so prevent them from getting wet.

In relation to the place where they are intended to be placed, there are hammocks designed for the exterior or interior. There are also special ones for traveling. Those of the first type are the most common and easiest to obtain, the variety of models they have is extensive and, as previously mentioned, they can even be found for two people.

Indoor hammocks are distinguished from the previous ones by the fact that they commonly include a special structure or an autonomous fastening system, which keeps the hammock hanging, without the need to anchor it to an external element, as is the case with walls or walls. In this way, the hammock can be located anywhere in the home, without having to worry more about the resistance of the supports.

Regarding travel hammocks, they are excellent for camping activities or taking them on vacation, since they are light and easy to fold. In addition to the above, several models of travel hammocks include a mosquito net, thus guaranteeing us a pleasant rest, without the siege of such insects.

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