Venta de Hamacas en CDMX

What are the best places to sell hammocks in Mexico City? One of them is the Centro Artesanal Plaza Garibaldi, a three-level construction where you will find a variety of handicrafts from all the states of the Mexican Republic. In this shopping plaza, located in Plaza Garibaldi, in Eje Central corner Allende, Colonia Centro. But it is not the only alternative to get hammocks in CDMX. In the rest of this note we will mention other magnificent places to sell handicrafts and hammocks in CDMX.

MX Hammocks

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San Juan Handicraft Market It opened its doors in the fifties and today, although its façade is somewhat sober, visitors are surprised by the many handicrafts for sale. In addition to the above, it has been sought that the site has its particular history, with a photo exhibition that documents the passage of its existence. Visit it in Dolores and Ayuntamiento, Colonia Centro.

Buenavista Craft Center It is a craft market that has more than ten thousand vendors from all over the nation. For those who wonder where about the best places to sell hammocks in CDMX, this site is a great alternative to buy hammocks in the

CDMX . Vendors of Mexican artisan creations will stock up at this place to take them to all regions of the world. They are attractive products for Mexicans who live in other nations to European citizens who have set up their own stores selling Mexican hammocks and other national handicrafts in their countries of origin. The Buenavista Craft Center is located at Aldama 187, Colonia Centro.

Fonart In the different shops that it includes, it summons many of the master craftsmen who have the support of the National Fund for the Promotion of Handicrafts. It has a varied selection of finely manufactured handicrafts and the presence of the best creatives in Mexico when it comes to the production of handicrafts. It is located at Av. Juárez 89, col. Paseo de la Reforma Center 116, col. Centro Av. Patriotismo 691, col. mixcoac

Other places where excellent handicrafts are most likely to be found in CDMX are: Parakata, the Store of the Museum of Popular Arts, the traditional Saturday Bazaar and the Tonalli Pre-Hispanic Crafts Store.

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