La historia de la hamaca Mexicana

The origins of hammocks date back at least a thousand years. We are then before a very important cultural heritage in Latin America. In many museums of the most relevant Latin American cities, ancient hammocks are preserved, which show that, in pre-Columbian cultures, it is where the first indications of the use of hammocks should be traced.

In a good part of the Central American countries, such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and even up to Mexico and several South American nations, such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil, hammocks are, especially in rural areas with an extremely warm climate, essential elements to rest.

It is generally accepted that hammocks arose in the Mayan culture about a millennium ago. Regarding the manufacture of traditional hammocks, those of the Mayan type, the way in which they are woven, the procedures and techniques used to shape them, integrate a demonstration of skill and creativity, even today. The Mayan Indians of our time are skilled experts in the manufacture of hammocks.

Ancient hammocks were made from the bark of the Hamack tree. Subsequently, such bark was no longer used, and was replaced by sisal, as the perfect material for making hammocks. The reason for this is that the sisal plant was more abundant in Central America, and its fibers were softer and more elastic. It is important to know that cotton, one of the most used materials today for the manufacture of hammocks, only began to be used for this purpose until about sixty years ago.

With Christopher Columbus and his voyages from continent to continent, the hammock was taken to Europe, and there it became in a short time, especially for English and French sailors, a highly valued place for rest. It was widely used in boats for the rest of sailors, instead of the conventional hard and uncomfortable ship beds.

Currently, hammocks enjoy enormous popularity around the world, not only among people who live in the provincial areas of exotic and tropical regions, but also on the terraces and gardens of city dwellers. For a long time the hammock has conquered the rest of human beings, offering a fresh, healthy and simple environment for their total rest.

Historia de la hamacaVenta de hamacas en mexico

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