Como acostarse en una hamaca

The best way to occupy a hammock is to sit with your back turned towards the hammock, as if you were about to sit on a chair. You also have to hold the hammock behind our back and outwards before taking a seat in it. This movement guarantees us a full use of space and that our weight is distributed evenly in the hammock. What follows is to sit and lean back and never put your feet up first.

To sit in the hammock you have to swing your legs to the side. And to stand up, it is enough to hold firmly to the sides of the hammock, before proceeding to get up. In addition, the most comfortable way to sit in a hammock is at an angle, since this dynamic allows the person to lie down in the hammock, with a perfect distribution of the body, minimizing tension and supporting the back for greater comfort. . The best hammocks are those that allow us to lie comfortably across the center. As far as double hammocks are concerned, two people can sit in them in a wide variety of positions. People can experience many of them and thus determine their favorite.

In Latin America and increasingly in other parts of the world, hammocks are used as beds. Recent studies reveal the advantages of lying in a hammock compared to doing it in a conventional bed.

In addition to adopting the proper technique for lying in a hammock, it must be ensured that the latter is positioned correctly. For example, the hammock supports should be at head height and 10 to 12 feet apart. This causes the hammock to sag in a deep arc. So people can lie on it diagonally and the back will remain straight: this is the secret to resting comfortably and relaxed in the hammock.

Finally, we must mention some care that must be followed to wash a hammock. For this, water with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius must be used. Hammocks can be washed by hand or in a washing machine and should always be laid out to dry.

When a hammock is not used, it must be stored. It is necessary to take care of our hammock so that it takes care of us for a long time and offers us pleasant periods of rest.

Como acostarse en una hamacaComo usar una hamacaVenta de hamacas en mexico

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