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Sometimes people who are labeled as lazy or lazy are told that they are "lying" in the hammock. Well, from the perspective of a healthy life, such a procedure should not be questioned, since resting in a hammock offers us unsuspected benefits. This has been revealed by recent scientific studies. A group of Swiss researchers has discovered that resting in a hammock helps us to fall asleep in a simpler, faster and better way than doing it in an armchair or a bed.

The test they carried out consisted of gathering 12 men. Each of them slept for a period of 3 quarters of an hour in a bed and later, another group of individuals was put to sleep in a special bed that simulates the swaying of a hammock. This is how it was found that people who slept in the simulated hammock entered the dream state one minute earlier than those people lying in a conventional bed. In addition, the former entered a deeper rest stage up to 3 minutes before the latter. The foregoing was derived by the aforementioned scientists, from electroencephalographic records obtained as part of the test.

In such a way that, lying in a hammock instead of doing it in a bed or a sofa, helps to fall asleep more quickly and have a deeper and more restful rest. The aforementioned study was based on electroencephalographic analysis, a procedure that includes the placement of electrodes on the scalp of the subjects analyzed, to thus measure their brain dynamics.

The reasons why it is more beneficial for health to sleep in a hammock than to sleep in a bed or an armchair have not been fully determined, but the scientists estimate that it is possibly due to the fact that the individuals tested naturally associated continuous movement of hammocks with relaxation, thus promoting a deeper sleep and a better rest.

Another explanation for why it is preferable to sleep in a hammock rather than in a conventional bed is that the swinging movement of the hammocks activates certain areas of the brain linked to sleep: the rhythmic movement of the hammocks could "synchronize" the brain waves, thus facilitating a more pleasant and healthy sleep.

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