Donde consigo hamacas en el DF

The artisan creations are outlined halfway between serial work and trade, although they also expose a cultural and aesthetic background of great wealth. The crafts in Mexico show a surreal heritage that arises from the worldview of the pre-Columbian national territory and the combination of the traditions of the great indigenous cultures and the typical customs of the Europeans who arrived in the New World. The hammocks arise from that melting pot, the beautiful and admirable Mexican hammocks, which can be found in different places in Mexico City.

In what follows we will mention some of the places in the CDMX, what was the DF, where you can buy handicrafts.

The best recommendation refers to the website where you can find magnificent Yucatecan-style hammocks and other variants of excellent quality. Shopping on this website is safe and reliable.

We recommend you take advantage of these places to get hammocks in Mexico City. These are handmade objects that serve both for decorative purposes and to obtain the best rest and the most enjoyable relaxation.

La Ciudadela This is a commercial plaza that is located next to Plaza la Ciudadela. When the 1968 Olympic Games were about to take place, master craftsmen from all over Mexico were summoned to exhibit their creations to the world. The place chosen for it remained as a permanent exhibition and sale place, one of the most traditional artisan squares in the center of the country. In the Citadel you can find various furniture accessories, Mexican hammocks, Yucatecan hammocks and even headboards

Sonora Market It is a market that opened its doors at the beginning of the fifties. In it you can find eclectic style handicrafts: clothes, baskets, dolls and various species of animals. Curiously, you can also find abundant merchandise related to herbalism, Santeria and witchcraft. In recent years, the sale of objects related to Santa Muerte or San Judas Tadeo has also increased. It is an essential place to visit for pure reasons of general culture.

Handicraft Market Another great place to get the best and most varied Mexican handicrafts. It is a shopping plaza with a huge assortment of traditional crafts, but especially because it includes stores where new craft proposals and fresh versions of what is already known are handled. For the rest it is an attractive commercial area, wide and very illuminated.

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