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  • Todas nuestras hamacas son 100% artesanales tejidas a mano por artesanos mexicanos.
  • Cada modelo es único y puede ser personalizado.
  • Una hamaca es una solución de descanso y decoración.
  • Ideales para descansar espalda y lumbar.
  • Cuentan con una vida útil de hasta 2 años dependiendo de su cuidado y mantenimiento
  • Envíos 100% seguros a todo México y destinos internacionales.
  • Aceptamos pagos directos con tarjeta de crédito, Paypal, transferencias o depósitos bancarios.


Get the best rest in one of our comfortable woven rocking chairs as a hammock . The hammock chair model is manufactured in Yucatan by 100% Mexican artisans.

The base of the chair is made of a very hard semi-precious wood from the Yucatan called Granadillo. We weave the Hammock Bed into the Rocking Chair creating a very comfortable, unique and attractive way to relax and unwind.

In addition, the chair can be folded for better storage, saving a lot of space and making it easy to load and transport.

Color: Various colors
Material : The hammock is woven with nylon thread, semi-precious wood granadillo
Chair measurements : Total length 1.5Mts Width 0.64Mts
Capacity : 150Kg
Unit Weight : 14Kgs
Suitable for one people.

Bench measures : .38 high x .39 wide x .46 long
Capacity : 150Kg
Unit Weight : 3Kgs
Suitable for one people.

* Approximate time three weeks of elaboration and one of shipping.
** We recommend pairing it with the rocking chair

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